Making Old Paintings Fly Again.

I am a big fan of combining fine arts with contemporary pop culture. In my opinion art is supposed to be relatable, and so perhaps it is no conundrum that most art – a.k.a. the inner turmoil of some dead old man – is not very relatable to me.

With this in mind, my first post is about Fly Art Productions. It’s a tumblr page that has been around for quite some time. Whenever I scroll through their images I’m startled by how incredible something as simple as writing hip hop lyrics on well known pieces of art can be. I could go on forever about why I think this concept is genius (((combining art that used to be avant-garde with what is arguably the last standing avant-garde art form i.e. hip hop and thereby reviving the relevance of our visual heritage))). But let’s not get too carried away.









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