Reo Cragun’s music video for On My Way.

Reo Cragun is the up-and-coming artist who studied medicine at uni but dropped out and gave up a full scholarship in order to pursue his dream of making it in the music industry.

And Reo Cragun’s video for On My Way is so nice guys!! Drake-esque dance moves amongst reindeer? Yes plz. (Or is it deer? moose? elk? cow? they’re literally all the same to me.) Using the word ‘authentic’ is something I shy away from because it’s probably the most white-girl-expression to date but then again I guess I am just that and Reo Cragun’s video truly is authentic. It’s shot on a film camera rather than using a vintage filter, and it took days to shoot because they had to hike the forests of Washington state in order to find the most dramatic scenery.


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