Making Old Paintings Fly Again.

I am a big fan of combining fine arts with contemporary pop culture. In my opinion art is supposed to be relatable, and so perhaps it is no conundrum that most art – a.k.a. the inner turmoil of some dead old man – is not very relatable to me.

With this in mind, my first post is about Fly Art Productions. It’s a tumblr page that has been around for quite some time. Whenever I scroll through their images I’m startled by how incredible something as simple as writing hip hop lyrics on well known pieces of art can be. I could go on forever about why I think this concept is genius (((combining art that used to be avant-garde with what is arguably the last standing avant-garde art form i.e. hip hop and thereby reviving the relevance of our visual heritage))). But let’s not get too carried away.









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Blog post nr. 1

Hey my name is Michelle! I am a Stockholm based art history student obsessed with all things aesthetically pleasing. is a digital platform where I compile all forms of visual content that I like. Throughout my years as a tech-savvy millennial I have gathered documents upon documents of links to different artistic endeavours – useless hoarding to some, but a goddamn gold mine to others. So it would only be selfish of me to keep all of this to myself.

There is so much Internet yet so little time so let me do you a solid and help you navigate your way through the world of art, photography, music videos and much more. Eeenjoyyy