Heather Day Creates the First Ever Augmented Reality Art.

Heather Day is a San Fransisco-based artist who creates large-scale abstract paintings and murals. A few months back she collaborated with Facebook to create the first ever artwork using augmented reality as a medium.

I came across the incredibly aesthetically pleasing works by Heather Day a while back and was immediately mesmerised by her sense of color and composition. In a podcast interview with The Jealous Curator, Day explains how she usually has about 50 works in process at once. I personally l o v e contemporary abstract expressionism and Heather Day is arguably one of the most interesting names out there.

This spring, Day was asked to produce the first ever augmented reality art to be installed at the Facebook headquarters. Day accepted the challenge not knowing exactly what she was getting into, and the next day the Facebook team invaded her studio with cameras and computers. Watch the result in the video below! The finished product is in itself perhaps not a groundbreaking masterpiece, but I am fascinated by the many opportunities that a merger of tech and art would entail. Augmented reality is a new artistic medium and it’s exciting to see how technology will challenge the definition of making and experiencing art!


All images are from http://heatherday.com/

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