3 Inspiring Art Directors You Want to Follow on Instagram!

Today being an artist can mean so many different things. Other than a painter or sculptor you can be a creative director, illustrator, graphic designer or art director – to name a few! In this blog post I will spotlight 3 incredible art directors that I love!

We are living at a time when visual creativity is given a huge platform through social media. Thanks to apps like Instagram, art directors can easily share their creations with the world. I can spend hours upon hours clicking my way through these perfectly curated Instagram accounts. There are just so many of them! And they are all so inspiring! Below I have listed a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

Blanche Yu

Australia and China based Blanche Yu art directs minimal and tasteful pictures for fashion editorials and campaigns. I’m in awe of how her entire life seems to go in one single color scheme. Her Instagram is a combination of casual, aesthetically pleasing observations and photo shoots directed by herself. Follow Blanche Yu on Instagram here.

Sarah Feingold

This German/ Moroccan /Israeli goddess is the founder of nobasicgirlsallowed.com and the art director behind campaigns for Nike and Beats by Dre. Her Instagram is meticulously curated – she always posts three matching photos in a row. Follow Sarah Feingold on Instagram here.

Pau Lart

Pau Lart is an art director and artist from Barcelona. She explains her aesthetic as “freedom, order, colour, feminism, painting, art, passion”. You can follow her personal Instagram account here. However, she is more known for curating the content for the Instagram account Hello Artists.

All images are from Instagram.

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