Solange’s Iconic Performance at the Guggenheim Museum.

Growing up as a die hard Destiny’s Child fan, you bet I’ve had my eyes on Solange since the days of her sister Beyonce’s girl group. I distinctly remember staying tuned on MTV just to watch Solange’s music video to Feelin’ You. And listening to I Decided while biking to and from school every day. Although I loved everything Solange did from day one – little did I know she would become one of her generation’s most forward-thinking artists.


Of course if you’re reading this you have already watched the music videos to Don’t Touch My Hair and Cranes in the Sky… because otherwise you would be in jail by now. Jail for people I don’t like. Rather than writing about the aforementioned videos, I wish to spotlight Solange’s live performances.


In 2016 Solange channeled the message of her album A Seat at the Table through a performance piece titled An Ode To, at the Guggenheim Museum. She requested that the audience come dressed in white, and banned usage of all phones and electronic devices. Hence there being very little documentation of this event.

The message that Solange communicates through her music is clear: it’s all an intelligent commentary on racism, and a celebration of blackness. After the standing ovation, Solange gave a speech regarding her role as a black artist in a predominantly white art world : “inclusion is not enough”. It’s time to enter institutions and tear “the fucking walls down.”

Solange has some of the best curated aesthetics out there. But most importantly – Solange turns the idea of museum exhibitions as we know them, into a safe space for activism through creative expression. 


'An Ode To' performance by Solange at the Guggenheim

'An Ode To' performance by Solange at the Guggenheim

'An Ode To' performance by Solange at the Guggenheim

Images above via Solange’s Instagram.


"an Ode to " 2017 @guggenheim museum

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"an Ode to" 2017 thank you @guggenheim @rbma

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On top of her Guggenheim performance, Solange has also performed at the Pérez Art Museum Miami and the Menil Collection. You can also view an online interactive for the Tate Modern, titled Seventy States here.


Since there is no decent footage from any of Solange’s museum performances I thought I’d add a clip from her Jimmy Fallon performance instead. It’s phenomenal.


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