Millennial Art by Caroline Goldfarb.

There are certain things I treasure in life. Art and its ancient history would be one of those things. Celebrity culture another. As much as I appreciate baroque art, I truly live and breathe for all things millennial.


Let me introduce you to internet sensation Caroline Goldfarb. She admins the viral Instagram account OfficalSeanPenn, and hosts the tv-show This Week Had Me Like. Through these channels she highlights crazy things famous people do. Caroline Goldfarb has built an entire brand on the strange psychology of celebrity.

On top of the aforementioned feats, she also creates collages. And there is nothing not to love about them. Everything from a collage of white people wearing cornrows, to a collage paying homage to the greatness that is Drake’s mother. <3 Caroline Goldfarb’s artistry is in my humble opinion an entertaining commentary on the absurdities of contemporary society, communicated through a very millennial aesthetic. Ugly? Yes. Would I still hang this on my wall? Yes, for sure.


caroline goldfarb drake

caroline goldfarb miranda

caroline goldfarb kim kardashian

caroline goldfarb drake's mom

caroline goldfarb justin bieber

caroline goldfarb monica lewinski

caroline goldfarb america

All images are from OfficialSeanPenn on Instagram.

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