Sticky Situation by QUIÑ.

Loook at this super nice music video by super nice Quiñ. In her Instagram bio, Quiñ describes herself as a “FANTASY GIRL IN A FANTASY WORLD MAKING FANTASY SOUL MUSIC”. A description I am very here for. And although the video is pink and perfect, Sticky Situation is about losing interest in your partner: “I only pursued you for the booty, babe. Now you glued to me.” : /  Oh and Syd is obviously an absolute blessing to any song at all times.

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The Slovakian Artist Maria Svarbova’s Surreal Photographs.

The Slovakian artist Maria Svarbova has made a name for herself by photographing the human body as mannequin-like props in what is often referred to as ‘Socialist Era settings’. Although she studied restoration and archeology at uni, her artistic calling in life is photography. Maria Svarbova’s art direction together with the final editing creates such an uncanny finish. If you keep your eyes open you’ll notice that her unique aesthetics have become very popular in editorials and galleries all over the world – and righteously so.









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Elise R. Peterson’s Series #Blackfolk.

The writer and visual artist Elise R. Peterson’s series #blackfolk epitomises everything that I love about the Internet and contemporary art. Dance by Matisse just so happens to be one of my all time favourite paintings. And Grace Jones has got to be one of my all time favourite human beings. So combining the two??? Not only is the result aesthetically pleasing, it also adds layers of political commentary, questioning the authority of the modernist white, male geniuses that have been placed on pedestals by (white, male) art historians. Not that Matisse wasn’t a genius… but his pedestal is definitely worth questioning or at least sharing with a long list of black artists that never got the chance to exist and thrive in the same artistic context as Matisse, for instance. I could literally go on forever so instead let’s just look at Prince posing next to one of Matisse’s many muses.

PRINCE MEETS MATISSE, 2016, digital collage. Source: Elise R Peterson
GRACE MEETS MATISSE, 2016, digital collage. Source: Elise R Peterson
SADE MEETS MATISSE, 2016, digital collage. Source: Elise R Peterson
TUPAC MEETS MATISSE, 2015, digital collage. Source: Elise R Peterson
AllFRIDA MEETS MATISSE, 2015, digital collage. Source: Elise R Peterson

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Reo Cragun’s music video for On My Way.

Reo Cragun is the up-and-coming artist who studied medicine at uni but dropped out and gave up a full scholarship in order to pursue his dream of making it in the music industry.

And Reo Cragun’s video for On My Way is so nice guys!! Drake-esque dance moves amongst reindeer? Yes plz. (Or is it deer? moose? elk? cow? they’re literally all the same to me.) Using the word ‘authentic’ is something I shy away from because it’s probably the most white-girl-expression to date but then again I guess I am just that and Reo Cragun’s video truly is authentic. It’s shot on a film camera rather than using a vintage filter, and it took days to shoot because they had to hike the forests of Washington state in order to find the most dramatic scenery.


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Blog post nr. 1

Hey my name is Michelle! I am a Stockholm based art history student obsessed with all things aesthetically pleasing. is a digital platform where I compile all forms of visual content that I like. Throughout my years as a tech-savvy millennial I have gathered documents upon documents of links to different artistic endeavours – useless hoarding to some, but a goddamn gold mine to others. So it would only be selfish of me to keep all of this to myself.

There is so much Internet yet so little time so let me do you a solid and help you navigate your way through the world of art, photography, music videos and much more. Eeenjoyyy